Inbound calls

—Dedicated Oman phone numbera

—- Get your own number in Oman with the ability to transfer existing normal and special numbers such as 600 & 800 numbers.

—24/7 Answering services

—Never miss a call, with our agents always up and ready to pick your customers calls for tech support, orders, enquiries … etc.

Customized Greetings & Voice Menus (IVR) For ACD (automatic call distribution)

Professionally recorded audio files to greet callers.
Static Voice menus in which you can record product information , services description or even FAQs lists, arranged in an easy to access menus.
Dynamic Voice menus, in which the system can retrieve customer-specific data form any connected database and play back answers using advanced text-to-speech modules.

Cloud Based Call Processing System with Custom Reporting Engine

—Every single call is completely processed through robust call processing system with advanced agent desktop where  call can be forwarded for action through different channels while keeping track for all stages.

Social Media Integration

—Advanced slots for monitoring social media, Web Form and chat modules ,that is how we provide a contact center, not only a call center.

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