What is Foodogic ?

FoodLogic is a unique cloud based Restaurant CRM with smart Delivery Manger Module, it simply orchestrates food delivery process between ordering channels, branches, delivery logistics and customers in simple process keeping the golden win-win rule always in place.

CRM Functionalities

  • Customer Profiling with Ordering Pattern Analysis, Ordering History and Multi Addresses allocation.
  • Detailed calls pop-up provides strong tool for up-selling and suggestive selling
  • Complain Management and escalation to predefined back-office.
  • Suggestion and enquiries logging
  • Service level and Key Performance Indicators abidance Reports (KPI)

Menu Manager

– Powerful and easy to use tool for creating innovative menu structuring
– Universal Menu structure can be shared among different ordering channels (call center, apps, on-line ….etc) for easy and safe update
– Per shift pricing structure
– Flexible pricing and management for modifiers and add-ons

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