About Q-Max Telephony System

Q-Max IP-PBX is a state of art communication solution that can provide all traditional PBX features in addition to the advanced features of the IP world.

The advanced telephony interfaces based on open source system can receive, send and distribute calls for up to 1024 telephony extensions per server

Open Connectivity

Fit any telecom interface

Q-Max IP-PBX can be connected to almost any type of  Telecom Interfaces, that means q-max can be used in small offices with few phones and connect to land line as well as corporates and hotels with hundreds of phones and E1 lines, connectivity covers:

  • TDM (Simple land lines)
  • GSM (Mobile SIM Cards)
  • SIP Trunks
  • E1 lines (PRI ISDN)

Static IVR

Static ACD Module

Q-Max offer rich and flexible voice menus which can be used to:

– Auto-answer and custom recorded greetings and guided menus.

– Store and play all information about services, products &  department.

– Off-load frequently asked questions, leaving agents focusing in high priority tasks

Dynamic IVR

Dynamic ACD Module

  •  Intelligent module that can interact with any existing system to retrieve data and use build-in text to speech engine to play result.
  • For example, caller inter her/his file number or personal identification using phone digits  to retrieve data about upcoming appointment with out the need for human attendance or agent interference.

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